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How should copper powder be screened?

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publish:2023-05-31 16:07:26  

Copper powder is a commonly used metal powder used in the production of conductive materials, metal pigments, coatings, and cosmetics. In industrial production and laboratory research, the particle size distribution and quality of copper powder have an important impact on product quality and research results, so screening is needed to obtain the required particle size distribution.

Different screening equipment can be used for screening copper powder, among which rotary vibrating screen and airflow screen are commonly used screening methods. The following are the general steps for screening copper powder

1. Preparation: Select appropriate screening equipment and mesh. For metal powders such as copper powder, it is usually necessary to select a fine mesh screen to obtain the required particle size distribution.

2. Loading: Place the copper powder to be screened into the silo of the screening equipment, and control the appropriate amount of copper powder according to the equipment capacity and screening requirements.

3. Start screening: Start the screening equipment and perform vibration or airflow screening according to the specific equipment operation instructions. In the screening process, parameters such as vibration frequency, air flow speed, screen mesh diameter and screening time can be adjusted to achieve the required particle size distribution.

4. Collection and grading: Collect fine copper particles passing through the lower layer and further grade them as needed. Larger particles can be re loaded into the screening equipment for secondary screening to achieve the required particle size distribution.

5. Cleaning and maintenance: After the screening is completed, turn off the screening equipment. Clean and maintain screening equipment and screens to ensure their normal operation and preparation for the next screening.

When screening copper powder, the following precautions should be taken:

-Select appropriate screening equipment and mesh, and select the appropriate screening method based on the particle size requirements and screening efficiency of copper powder.

-Control appropriate screening parameters, such as vibration frequency, airflow velocity, screen aperture, and screening time, to obtain the required particle size distribution.

-For some copper powders with special requirements, such as those with narrow particle size distribution, multiple screening or other auxiliary screening methods may be required.

-Ensure the cleanliness of screening equipment and screens to avoid contamination by impurities.

The above are the general steps and precautions for screening copper powder, and specific operations may vary.

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